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Examples of  previously available courses:

Annually updated with over 60 deliveries.Always positively assessed. Ideal for all young persons workers,Tier2/3 staff. Can be tailored to local requirements.

'Howard's course on working with young people with drink and drug issues was extremely well received by our frontline staff who gave it rave reviews for delivery, relevance and new insights.  I would recommend Howard to any training commissioners' (Neil Watson - York Children's Trust)

Drugs, Crime and Treatment: Drugs interventions in the criminal justice system. Developing best practice with (criminal justice) Drugs Interventions Programmes RAP and 'POPO'.( 20 deliveries to DIP teams across country in 2004-07) or book a place on standard course via HIT.

 Drug Markets, problem user populations, epidemiology and strategic planning.(Good background to  requirements for DAATs to map their local drug problems , treatment penetration , unmet need etc.).

New  half day workshops for local or corporate delivery or full day course incorporating all age needs assessment and building integrated substance misuse services model:

Developing Your Adult Local Needs Assessment Systems 

Developing Your Young Person's Needs assessment Systems

As most regions move into their post heroin era new types of alcohol and drugs consumption patterns are emerging amongst young people and young adults. Poly drug use involving Alcohol, Cannabis, Cocaine and Ecstasy is becoming the norm and these and other non-opiate substances dominate younger presentations. This participatory workshop or full day course outlines the new agenda and the implications for change in commissioning , developing new interventions and reconfiguring local provision including setting up Transitional Services. Taking full account of new drugs strategy, PSAs, LAAs etc.

One day courses for M.Sc. students at Kings College, London.

“You scored a resounding 10 out of 10 from every one of the participants. We hope you will be able to come again”.
(Dr. Kim Wolfe, NAC)

HIT (Training, Liverpool)
One day courses, seminars, conferences for a major training provider.

“Howard’s research has informed HIT’s harm reduction and public health based interventions with drug users for many years.  More recently Howard has delivered workshops, seminars and short courses for us.  I can honestly say his inputs always get the very highest of ratings from participants and that we enjoy our joint work with him”.
(Andrew Bennett)