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Helped develop a Tier 2 service in North Notts. focussing on relapse prevention and direct work with problem drug users and their carers.  Produced recording/case management system, consulted 100 service users, re-specified aspects of service provision, outlined a development plan.

“The research you did helped us in so many different ways and we would like to say a huge thanks to you and Roy”(Tracy Gilford, Project Manager)

''Howard’s work, commissioned by Stockport DAT, helped our CDT develop a validated outcome monitoring tool for the agency. Howard’s approach was thorough and engaging of all involved.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Howard Parker to other services”.

                                                (  Helen Boyle, Commuinity Safety Unit)

Bolton-Manchester-Salford-Trafford-Wigan Substance Misuse Directorate: Greater Manchester West

Undertook creation of new Triage/Comprehensive assessment tools with alcohol and drugs integrated. treatment reviews, care plans for uplift onto ICIS.

'Working in close partnership with our services Howard led on a major review and redevelopment of all our assessment and care planning systems. This has resulted in the development of an excellent  comprehensive and coherent toolkit and case management system which has been rolled out across all our alcohol and drug services and which has been commended by the National Treatment Agency .We are very pleased with the results'

                                                           (Cath Moran ,Director)

Eclypse (Lifeline) Manchester's Tier 2 /3 Under 18s Alcohol and Drugs Service

Howard has worked with Eclypse to review and revise our assessment and care-plannig system and help us develop an outcome measurement approach including our interventions against Every Child Matters outomes . Howard has been committed to his work and has given us a clear understanding of how we must develop to better meet the ECM agenda.

                                                         (Janine Day,Manager, Lifeline)

 Salford Alcohol and Drug Services and DAAT

Long-term consultancy working with ‘STASH’ and the CDT introducing, recording, assessment and review systems .Direct agency observation and training around Models of Care agenda.  Steering other research commissions for Salford.Lead on DAAT strategic Plan. Facilitating Salford piloting of performance review system for Prime Minister's Delivery Unit.2006 development of SMART(Under19s Service) research and development work into hidden and unmet need for young substance misusers. Evaluation of Salford DIP (2008). Lead on Young Peoples Needs Assessment (2007-08) Auditing Young Peoples' services against Every Child Matters and new PSA/LAAs (2008)

“Howard has worked for Salford DAAT for 4 years on several different projects including developing a comprehensive assessment system and care planning and case review, producing our Strategy for 2005-08 and helping with needs assessments being undertaken by the NTA and Prime Minister's Delivery Unit. In all these areas we have found Howard's contribution to be of great value and of a high standard. He contributes a wealth of experience and unique insights within the field of substance misuse''

                                               (Don Richards,  Salford DAAT Coordinator)

Howard's commissioned research(with Roy Egginton) identified the emerging  ACCE profile amongst younger users as distinct from older heroin-crack users. This prompted Salford into service reconfiguration. His research also identified the unintended consequences of initiatives to address young people's public drinking.As a result safeguarding and duty of care responsibilities have been identified in developing further initiatives.Most recently Howard conducted a young persons' needs assessment for the DAAT which was recognised by the NTA as an 'excellent example' and made a big contribution to their view of Salford services as 'one of the most developed and innovative systems'. By engaging with partners at all levels and understanding the local situation Howard's vision and authority has meant his recommendations are well on the way to implementation across all services and agencies'

                          (Maggie Heavey Young  Persons' Commissioning Manager)


Galahad SMS Ltd

Previous consultancy for a research group undertaking large scale research and evaluation projects for the Army, Home Office, Youth Justice Board, etc.

“Howard Parker has acted as an external consultant to Galahad SMS Ltd on several key commissions. The ability to tap into Howard’s vast experience of drug and alcohol research and knowledge of both practical and policy-level issues has enabled our company to conduct accurate research, resulting in meaningful and influential reports for our clients. I can confidently say that without Professor Parker’s reliable and insightful contributions we would not have achieved the success we enjoy today”.

                                      (Anne Fox, Managing Director,Galahad SMS Ltd.)

Derbyshire Drug Market Project

Evaluation, action research and development of a multi-agency initiative across Derbyshire involving enforcement on Level 1 drug markets and assertive outreach treatment. Developing drug service specifications for small towns for Derbyshire DAAT, strategic planning on basis of heroin-crack epidemiology (e.g. forecasting future treatment demand) for Derby DAT. Final Report: Managing Local Heroin – Crack Problems: Hard Lessons About Policing Drug Markets and Treating Problem Users ( Download pdf copy from Publications page)

''Howard and Roy’s impressive understanding of the drug scene and their excellent communication skills enabled them to develop trusting relationships with the whole Project Team, partners and drug users. This work has resulted in new knowledge about drug markets across the county which will allow agencies to develop well informed new strategies. I cannot praise enough their input into the project.”

                                                     (Adrian Evans, Chief executive DDMP)

Nottingham Drug Futures

Detailed profiling of city's problem drug users,estimate treated and untreated populations,analysis of service configuration,measures of penetration, retention and actual treatment outcomes for 7 key services. Recommendations for future drug treatment plans. Lead researcher Roy Egginton.

External Review of Northern Ireland's Alcohol and Drug Strategies

Appointed by Executive to complete detailed review (2004-05). Consultations,desk top analysis,detailed stakeholder interviews etc. Report published Summer 2005 as:

Better Managing Northern Ireland's Alcohol and Drug Problems:A review of Northern Ireland alcohol and drug strategies and the efficiency and effectiveness of their implementation (download from www.dhsspsni.gov.uk under October 2005 publications )


Scoping Local Needs Assessment System for Sefton DAT

Consultancy , needs assessments and in-house training with Derbyshire DAAT

Young people's and Adult Needs Assessment development with Stockport DAT on-going development work 2008-09 including Expert advisor to Council's Scrutiny Panel reviewing substance misuse services. Review of Stimulant Service Provision and facilitating strategy development.

''In my early days as DAT manager I was fortunate enough to attend one of Howard's courses on needs assessment planning. An interesting conversation over lunch resulted in Howard being commissioned to work with Stockport on its first Young People's Needs Assessment. This was an excellent piece of work and we were commended for the content and detail. Howard has continued to work with our team and has undertaken two significant pieces of work-a very comprehensive review of our services around stimulants provision and treatment  and acting as Expert Advisor to the Council's Scrutiny Panel's review of Substance Misuse Services. He's currently working with me on our local Three Year Strategic Plan for Substance Misuse Treatment. Without doubt the identification of issues, gaps  and clear recommendations from all his work will contribute significantly to the commissioning of fit for purpose services for the future.''

(Janet Sewart Nov 2008)

New integrated toolkits for Re-Fresh Hull's Specialist Young Person's Substance Misuse Service  during 2008.  Integrating Screening, CAF, Comprehensive Assessment, Care Planning, NDTMS requirements and TOPs into one consistent system .Related staff training. Mentoring on strategic development.

Bolton DAAT  Workforce awayday and training day with young people's workers

Development work with Oldham DAAT throughout 2009. Needs Assessments and service development around transitional arrangements ,ACCE profile interventions and Hidden Harm. OASIS  Under 19s service toolkits and training. Commissioned by PCT to help develop Oldham's new Alcohol Strategy. Continuing in 2010 assisting with commissioning of ACCE-a transitional service for Oldham's young adults. Currently helping re-launch ACCESS with new toolkits a structured interventions programme for working with young adults with alcohol and non opiate drug problems