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Howard  offered a comprehensive approach to help DAATs uplift their NTA required  Adult Needs Assessment  Systems.  Elements include:

A powerpoint presentation and stakeholder induction /discussion

A rapid assessment of current DAAT model and how it can be improved

Joint development work with lead officers

A fully  tailored needs assessment exercise including research,stakeholder consultation, secondary analysis of relevant data.

Young Persons Needs Assessment Development

Howard  led on Young people's-transitional services needs assessment for Salford and Stockport.Both received NTA commendation.

New Intervention Tools

My Drinking and My Drug Use tools developed by Howard for assessment and brief interventions with young people now available from HIT publications.(See publications) 

Screening tools and CAF

Howard has designed new screening tools which allow Universal and Targetted  young peoples agencies to screen for substance misuse needs and specialist referrals and CAF simultaneously. This prevents confusion and innappropriate referrals. Tool can be tailored for local needs and supported by training.

Howard has audited and mapped Every Child Matters outcomes against young person's substance misuse provision for Manchester and is now completing similar exercises for Salford  including PSA/LAAs. This auditing helps inform Children's Services integration and commissioning and configuring services to maximize impact on ECM outcomes without undermining key activities and NTA expectations.

Howard has working across 2008 -09 to develop a set of resources for Specialist/Tier 3 level treatment interventions with younger alcohol, cannabis,cocaine and poly substance users. The project involves networking with experienced practitioners and collecting examples of 'best practice' and creating structured packages and resources. These will be piloted /validated  with Under 18s and Transitional services before being made available.Any service wishing to pilot and purchase these should get in touch

If you  have exemplars of effective practice with ACCE presenters and can contribute to this process please contact Howard.

Watch clips of Howard talking about Heroin in the 1980s, the future of drug services and the importance of the  ACCE profile www.lifeline.org.uk        www.fead.org.uk/

Videos with Howard Parker
1. Howard Parker on the Future of the Drug Field
2. Howard Parker on the Merseyside Heroin Epidemic
3. Howard Parker on Heroin in the 80's
4. Howard Parker on Young People and the ACCE Profile
5. Howard Parker on Young People and the Drug Strategy 

Drugs Strategy  < Click. Read Howard's  article about why the ACCE profile is undermining the coherence of the Drug Strategy (old and new) and will be the biggest challenge for commissioning  Tomorrow's alcohol and drug services

Radio ONE June 2009

Documentary on the ACCE profile and advice for listeners about downsides of ACCE poly substance use and lack of easily accessible services

Contributions to Womans Hour July 2009 and Panorama BBC1  August 2009 on Oldham's night-time economy